Monday, 13 February 2012

What a week!

Pin It Now! My goodness! Where in the world did this week go!

My apologies for a week going by without a post! Work has definitely kept me very busy this week with no time to post. I really dislike my day shifts as I feel exhausted afterwards and don't get much done when I get home. And this week I worked mostly day shifts. So not much was accomplished.

However you are here for quilty goodness and not to listen to my complaining :)

I am trying to get a reply back button to be able to reply back to all the lovely comments you have been leaving me. For some I have tried to just leave a comment myself but I think that may get confusing and it is hard to remember to go back to a post you commented on for a reply. I am going to try to start replying by email to those who leave comments until Blogger lets me reply to those comments directly. Is everyone ok with that? Please let me know what you prefer as I do not want to be "spamming" your inbox if you don't want a reply that way!!

Red & White
My LQS did a quilt kit way back in 2006 and at the store I saw it completed and fell in love. It was called Rubies, diamonds and garnets too. Don't try looking for it online as you will not find it. It was done through just this quilt store. But I will post pictures as I work on it. I had been looking for a Red and White quilt pattern for my Mom & Dad for christmas and this fits the bill perfectly. Lucky for me they still have some kits available and  I can buy the blocks as I need them. SO just another project to add to my list.

Hexagon Needle Book:
I also make some cute hexagon needle books which will be another post likely tomorrow as it is long and a semi tutorial! Here is a sneak peak though!!

Aurifil BOM:
Now I am sure most of you know that Aurifil is doing a stitchery BOM. 12 different designers are creating cute little patterns for us to turn into blocks. Here is January's Block download- It is about halfway down the page.

Here is my block:
Not the greatest picture, I know but best I could get in the lighting.

Now I don't really have access to Aurifil thread as I have not been able to find anyone local who carries a good range. So I used good old DMC floss in colours I liked. I also changed the pattern a wee bit so I liked it more.

February's block is adorable and I can't wait till I have some time to stitch it. The link is below and again the pattern is about halfway down the page.

Dear Jane:
Not much done on the Dear Jane front but I completed block B3 and I think it is my favorite so far! Don't you just love the little arrows!! Perfect for Valentines Day.
And here is the block I am currently working on B12,  using a mix of reverse and regular applique:

Still plugging away at Omigosh. I almost have all my 4 patches together. I have a huge pile to cut apart (I am chain piecing) and iron. My current chain is as long as my apartment is wide!! And I still have half a baggie to piece!
Current pile to be cut apart and ironed

Pile of ironed 4 patches

Each teeny tiny 4 patch is 1 1/2" unfinished! 

I also managed to get all my 2 3/8" squares (white and print) cut in half and matched print with white. They are next to be chain pieced together for my Shoo-Fly blocks.

I am hoping to get the Shoo-Fly Blocks completed by end of February but it is looking more like mid-March! Eek!! Hopefully I will be able to find lots of time in the next two weeks to get my butt in gear!

Well I am off to make a tea and get some crochet done. Yes I crochet as well! I have some ladies in the NICU who order hats from me ad I have sadly been neglecting working on them. So I am hoping to get at least 2 finished today! Wish me luck and hopefully I can post their pictures tomorrow!!
And I shall leave you with a pic of my tea making set up just for fun!!


  1. When you take a week away from quilting, you certainly don't stand still and twiddle your thumbs. Nice progress on all these projects.
    Your Omigosh pile of chain-pieced blocks is scary big. That's going to be a lot of clipping and pressing, but oh the progress you have made. It's impressive.
    I'd say 99.5% of the bloggers I follow reply to comments via e-mails that come into our inboxes. You're right. It could get confusing with comments and replies all together in the comment box.
    And besides, most of us do so much blog hopping that we don't take the time to go back to a blog and see if there's a reply from the blog owner there. E-mail replies are definitely the way to go.
    Your two DJ blocks are appropriate for this week. Red and white beauties.

  2. You have some VERY wonderful projects in the works...some WHEELY small ones too. =)

    Please, don't feel bad about not needs to take front stage. =)


  3. Oh! how I know how AM shifts can make one really brain dead when you get home LOL!!! I find I can get a bit more done if I'm on an afternoon shift, as I'm an early riser anyway!
    Your prep for your Omigosh project is coming along well, it always looks worse before it looks better LOL, all that prep has to pay off eventually right? Thanks for sharing your DJ blocks too, it is just the gentle kick I need to spur me on to start mine, I have all the tools and fabrics so there is really no excuse!
    Don't worry if a week or two goes by and you haven't had time to post, we all have busy lives, especially those of us who work fulltime! Your blog is your personal journey and those of us who follow you will always read your posts, I have you on Google Reader so will always know to read your latest installment, just have fun with it - I feel guilty as I haven't posted in nearly a month, but life gets in the way sometimes.....
    Take care....