Thursday, 26 July 2012

Christmas Gifts

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I though I would post some quick pictures of what I have been working on lately for Christmas in July :)

Christmas Napkins!
I will be posting a tutorial for this in the next week or so (hopefully! depends on how crazy work is :S)
I am doing up several sets of christmas napkins to give out as gifts and also a set for myself. I have been making sets of either 8 or 12 as those will work for most families :)

You can see my stack before it's "garland" was sewn :)
I think I prefer it with the 3 tiers versus the 2, but it shows there is options!
This set will be for my Mom and Dad, my mom and I actually learned to make these at a quilting class we were at and she picked the fabrics but never did them. So I stole the fabric and made them for her :) Also shows that you can make them look pretty folded either side.
Love the green peeking through. Almost looks like it snowed on the napkin trees!!

Japanese Flower Garden
So possibly worst lighting ever but I am in a bit of a rush and could only take a quick picture. And my kitty Kalesh was not co-operating. Although I think he thought he was helping! I was able to pick up my Japanese Flower Garden the other day and just started sewing a couple pieces together so it feels like I am making some progress. The brown flower and the green flower are attached along with the black connectors. I am hoping to keep working on it over the next little while when I can as I would be super happy to have the top finished by the new year. 

Random gratuitous picture of my cute kitty Nox who fell asleep beside me while I did some hand sewing 

Well I didn't win any ribbons at Stampede, although that might be due to putting it in the wrong category!! Ooopps! They did not explain the categories and in my ignorance I assumed since I had it quilted on a longarm I should have to enter it in the long arm category. Should have realized they meant custom long arm quilting and entered it into the machine piecing category. Oh well! Live and learn right?

But it was fantastic seeing it hung up there in the stampede hall along with so many other amazing quilts. And I can officially say I entered it into the 100th Calgary Stampede :)

They had the quilts super high up so no one could touch them. It also meant you could not see a large amount of detailing unfortunately.

New Books!
So I have picked up some new books in the last couple weeks and figured I would share them with you :) 
This is an amazing book with some stunning piecing fun scrappy patterns
Quilts from Grandmother's Garden
Stunning english paper piecing that makes me want to finish my Japanese Flower Garden and start on itty bitty hexagons!
Quilts from the House of Tula Pink
This book has some incredible modern quilt patterns and I really suggest flipping through it!

This is just to leave you with a lovely pic I took the other day on the way to quilting. Just look at those clouds! So pretty :)

Hope you all have a wonderful day full of stitching!

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Merry Christmas!

Pin It Now! Now I don't know about you all but I LOVE Christmas! There is just something about the whole season that fills me with the warm fuzzies. I adore giving gifts to loved ones and spend forever trying to pick something I know they will love.

And yes I am one of those crazy people who has my tree up after halloween (remember here in Canada Thanksgiving is in mid-October) and it doesn't come down until about February. Now I do tone down the decorations a bit after christmas, but I just find that once you take all the decorations down everything looks dreary and sad...and cold. But back to my point!

It is Christmas in July! I am planning on getting some Christmas gifts made this month so that I can shorten my list on what I need to do later on in the year.

Would you like to see my list!?
No? Well too bad :P Cuz I am writing it down anyway haha!

Christmas Napkins (tutorial coming soon!)
Rubies, Diamonds and Garnets- Mom and Dad
Farmers Market -Mom and Dad In Law
Go With the Flow- Brother In Law
A-Mazed- Brother
Growth Chart- Niece/Nephew

And I am sure there are tons of other things I have pinned that I am planning to make! But we shall get there!

I Love Snow Quilt Top
Here is a quick little top I whipped up the other day with I Love Snow Flannel by Shelly Comiskey. It is so cuddly and soft and I can't wait to try and quilt it. I also have plans for my left over fabric I am thinking some cute little ornaments from the snowmen and maybe some hand and neck warmers. :)

Aurifil BOM

Well I caught up on my May and June BOM from Aurifil :) Now I just have to do the July one as well. Sorry for the crummy photo quality this was done in haste before work this morning!

June BOM

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Playing Catch-Up

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Hope everyone who had a long weekend was able to enjoy it! It was Canada Day here on the 1st and I missed the fireworks :( Which sucks cuz I love fireworks, there is something about them that is just magical to me :) But I am hoping to see the huge fireworks displays that will be happening here in Calgary over the next two weekends for the 100th Anniversary of the Calgary Stampede! They are going all out this year and setting off the fireworks in 5 different areas all over the city this weekend and next in celebration so I should get to see them!

Aurifil BOM

So I apparently have been hugely lacking in updating for the Aurifil BOM. I have been working on it I swear! Although I need to finish May and June's today hopefully so that I can start July's when it comes out on the 5th. So here is what I have done so far!

February- My Second Favorite Block! So Cute!!

March- I think I want to do a different one for march, I am not a huge fan of it. 

April; I think this one might just be my favorite so far. I Love the little birdie!

So now I am hoping to get my butt going on May and June since I have showed you the first 4! Sorry for the picture quality on some of them I had forgot to take a picture of them and they are currently at my LQS as a display!