Friday, 29 June 2012

Omigosh it`s Omigosh!

Pin It Now! Omigosh with an Irish Twist!

Well my Long-Arm Quilter Theresa called me Sunday evening to let me know Omigosh was finished! I couldn`t believe it, she had finished in just over 2 days. I had dropped it off on Thursday night and she still had one on the machine to finish up and picked mine up sunday evening! So thankful to her!! I managed to put on the binding and make/put on the hanging sleeve in just under 3 days (I had to drop it off at Stampede on Wednesday!) and I worked Monday and Tuesday! Holy crumbs it was the only thing I was doing haha!

On top of that I needed to move my sewing room since my brother just moved out here to Calgary on Tuesday and will be living with us for a bit, and I put it off as long as possible. So my poor sewing room has been crammed into our bedroom as our apartment is pretty small.

When making my hanging sleeve for Omigosh I found an amazing tutorial I thought I would share with you all by Jacquie from Tallgrass Prairie Studios. She uses tons of pictures and has easy to follow instructions to show you how and she also has other sewing tutorials and tips/tricks on her site. So head on over and check her out!

Well I am assuming you actually want to see the finished (minus the binding because silly me ran out of time to take one with the binding on) Omigosh!
Here is the front! Sorry for the crappy lighting it has been raining a lot here lately. I love, love, love how there is now an Irish Chain pattern in it as well. (oh and please ignore the mess in the background, its from moving my sewing room!)
And the back. I didn't have enough of this gorgeous blue fabric by William Morris so I had to piece the backing. Not sure if I like the pink blocks in there but oh well! Too late now haha! The longer brown section at the top is where I ended up putting the hanging sleeve in that same brown fabric
A close up of the back to see the William Morris fabric design

You can see the quilting a bit better here Theresa the long arm quilter used the pattern Rhapsody in a soft pink thread 

My cat Kalesh is in love with it and would move the lay on the quilt wherever it went. Another good pic of the quilting

Kalesh is just in love with this quilt. So cute :)

Farmer's Market

So I was able to work on my Farmer's Market quilt that will hopefully be going to my in-laws for Christmas. I still don't know if I like it or not. This is a BOM through my local quilt shop and I have definitely changed some of the "recommended" colour schemes a bit while using the fabrics in the kits. I will likely flip flop back and forth until it is all together. I am thinking of maybe splitting up the sections a bit so it's not so chaotic. Maybe with a nice creamy 1"-2" border it would go between around the centre square and between the 4 star blocks in the corners and the rectangles in between those. If that makes sense lol.  I like each block individually and each section individually but all together I think its too busy to actually work but oh well. I will work on each section and just not sew them together yet!

Any opinions?!?!?! I would love some ideas on this one. It might just be that I am not used to working with this colour palette.

Bottled Rainbows
So I might just be late to the game from my extended absence here on the web but have you seen any Bottled Rainbow quilts!!!! Oh my they make my heart go "pitter-patter" :)

I found an amazing tutorial here for you all to go see. It is by  Rachel Hauser from Stitched in Color

Well I am off to continue some Farmer's Market blocks before I have to go to work.

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

How Does Time Fly???

Pin It Now! Hello All!
Well I seem to be the worst blogger ever lol! I keep meaning to post and have been writing them in my head as I work for when I get a chance to get on here and then it doesn't happen. Super sorry everyone!

Well on to updates!

Currently Dear Jane and my Grandmothers Flower Garden kind of fell to the wayside for the time being. I am trying to get christmas projects out of the way so I can be done and hopefully there is not last minute panic and rushing to finish. (I know I will anyway but I am hoping!!)

Omigosh is almost finished!!!! I changed the layout of the blocks becasue I got really, really sick of making double nine patches and if I didn't figure out something else it would never get completed! I have a sneak peak photo here for you of just the top without borders cuz silly me forgot to take a picture with the borders on! Or of the back lol. But it is currently at the quilter's. I am last minute entering it into the 100th Anniversary of the Calgary Stampede and the quilter should have it finished by Monday (I am hoping tonight!!) That gives me Tuesday morning, on my breaks Tuesday night and Wednesday morning to put the binding, hanging sleeve and label on! (Crazy or what!?!?!) So I may not be sleeping much Tuesday night but it will be totally worth it. The Wednesday deadline is because I have to go drop it off at the fair grounds by 7pm that night.

I will be sure to take some pics and show them once I get it back :)

Do you remember the Friends With Benefits Swap I talked about a couple months ago? Well I completed my project for my new friend in New Zealand and received mine in return!!!

Here is what I sent out to Raewyn:

Front of the little wall hanging!
And the Back! 

I also sent out a hexagon needle book and some pretty fabric :)

Here is the loveliness I received in return from Raewyn! Tons of pics as it was fun to open :)

Yup you saw that right Hazelnut instant Latte! Omg it was so good. Wish I could find it here in Canada!

Isn't it lovely!! Its so beautifully made and I love the little Kiwi Bird in the centre of the "Quilt" Its a super useful batting book where I can store the blocks I am working on so they don't end up in a little bile in a ziploc and stay organized! I have been using it tons :)

And the Back!!
 Thanks Tons again Raewyn!!

I also started/finished the top of a quilt called Go With The Flow. This is either going to my brother or my brother in law for Christmas. I have a different pattern for which ever one doesn't get this one but am using the same fabrics. The fabric is Curious Nature by Parson Gray, I think it is perfect fabric for guys! Of course my kitty Nox always needs to test it out and get in the picture!!

 Isn't the fabric line gorgeous? Here it is all bundled so pretty :)

Another one to think back on! I think I mentioned that I would be starting a quilt called Farmers Market. Well this is the first 4 months of blocks. This is my next major "need to work more on" as soon as I get back Omigosh and finish that. I am hoping to gift this to my in laws for Christmas but we will see! I think today once I am done the hanging sleeve for omu

 So I was at Heritage Park Quilt Festival near the end of May and at one of the booths I saw an amazing folded start pot holder. When I asked for the pattern I was told it was a free one from Moda Bake shop!!! Anyway I can attest to how ridiculously easy it is, I made the top in an afternoon and then took my sweet time in doing the backing. But it is done now! It ends up being super thick but I did put some insul-bright in between just in case. I only used 3 fabrics in mine although the pattern suggests 4, just because I could only find 3 that I thought matched :) All I need to do still is the quilting but I think I might hand quilt it. I plan on making a couple more using the same fabrics just in different order.

Here is the link and while it looks intimidating, just read it though a couple of times and pin really well. Good Luck!

Well I think that is it for now and I hope to get back into blogging again! So I will leave you with a couple fun pics!

Oh so true. I know sometimes when I need the seam ripper I need to remember to stay calm!! Haha

My kitties trying to keep warm with a quick lick of ice cream. (Don`t worry we didn`t let them have much!)
Happy Stitching!!!