Friday, 29 June 2012

Omigosh it`s Omigosh!

Pin It Now! Omigosh with an Irish Twist!

Well my Long-Arm Quilter Theresa called me Sunday evening to let me know Omigosh was finished! I couldn`t believe it, she had finished in just over 2 days. I had dropped it off on Thursday night and she still had one on the machine to finish up and picked mine up sunday evening! So thankful to her!! I managed to put on the binding and make/put on the hanging sleeve in just under 3 days (I had to drop it off at Stampede on Wednesday!) and I worked Monday and Tuesday! Holy crumbs it was the only thing I was doing haha!

On top of that I needed to move my sewing room since my brother just moved out here to Calgary on Tuesday and will be living with us for a bit, and I put it off as long as possible. So my poor sewing room has been crammed into our bedroom as our apartment is pretty small.

When making my hanging sleeve for Omigosh I found an amazing tutorial I thought I would share with you all by Jacquie from Tallgrass Prairie Studios. She uses tons of pictures and has easy to follow instructions to show you how and she also has other sewing tutorials and tips/tricks on her site. So head on over and check her out!

Well I am assuming you actually want to see the finished (minus the binding because silly me ran out of time to take one with the binding on) Omigosh!
Here is the front! Sorry for the crappy lighting it has been raining a lot here lately. I love, love, love how there is now an Irish Chain pattern in it as well. (oh and please ignore the mess in the background, its from moving my sewing room!)
And the back. I didn't have enough of this gorgeous blue fabric by William Morris so I had to piece the backing. Not sure if I like the pink blocks in there but oh well! Too late now haha! The longer brown section at the top is where I ended up putting the hanging sleeve in that same brown fabric
A close up of the back to see the William Morris fabric design

You can see the quilting a bit better here Theresa the long arm quilter used the pattern Rhapsody in a soft pink thread 

My cat Kalesh is in love with it and would move the lay on the quilt wherever it went. Another good pic of the quilting

Kalesh is just in love with this quilt. So cute :)

Farmer's Market

So I was able to work on my Farmer's Market quilt that will hopefully be going to my in-laws for Christmas. I still don't know if I like it or not. This is a BOM through my local quilt shop and I have definitely changed some of the "recommended" colour schemes a bit while using the fabrics in the kits. I will likely flip flop back and forth until it is all together. I am thinking of maybe splitting up the sections a bit so it's not so chaotic. Maybe with a nice creamy 1"-2" border it would go between around the centre square and between the 4 star blocks in the corners and the rectangles in between those. If that makes sense lol.  I like each block individually and each section individually but all together I think its too busy to actually work but oh well. I will work on each section and just not sew them together yet!

Any opinions?!?!?! I would love some ideas on this one. It might just be that I am not used to working with this colour palette.

Bottled Rainbows
So I might just be late to the game from my extended absence here on the web but have you seen any Bottled Rainbow quilts!!!! Oh my they make my heart go "pitter-patter" :)

I found an amazing tutorial here for you all to go see. It is by  Rachel Hauser from Stitched in Color

Well I am off to continue some Farmer's Market blocks before I have to go to work.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Your Omigosh with an Irish Twist is absolutely lovely! Impressive! Fabulous! Artistic! I've watched as you've made those endless parts of blocks and then put the blocks together, the long chains down your hall, step by step -- and here you are, with this lovely quilt. Give yourself a huge pat on your back and an congratulatory hug. Anybody would be proud to claim this as her own.

    WELL DONE!!!

  2. I forgot to ask -- how big is each little 4-patch? and how big is each little 9-patch? the finished size of the quilt? and the big question-- how many pieces of fabric are in the front? That would be an interesting detail to add to your label on the back.

  3. The Omigosh turn out just wonderfully, you must be so pleased with the result!!!! It was a lot of work, it surely will become a family heirloom!!!! Just a thought with the Farmers Market, have you thought of using the central piece on-point - just a thought! I do agree there should be some sashing between the sections as it does tend to all mash up together because of the intricacy of all the blocks - I'm sure you'll come up with something stunning after you have a play around with it!!!!

  4. Beautiful - congratualtions on a wonderful finish.

  5. Love your finish - well done!!