Monday, 26 March 2012

Hello Again!

Pin It Now! As promised, today I finally have a quick chance to post! 

I haven't been able to get a huge amount of sewing done as I have been working tons these last 3 weeks. 
Its very yucky out here in Calgary today, as we are supposed to get up to 10cm of snow. 
My nephew (and family) loved the blue and green baby blanket and it currently resides in his crib. 

I was able to whip up this cute little bag:
Not a great picture but best I could get this morning. 

Not really any progress on Dear Jane sadly but I am hoping that once I get Omigosh done Dear Jane will be next in line. 

Done a bit on Omigosh however! Although I am not sure if I will have it finished in time for the show in Heritage Park. Registration ends on april 8th so we will see how much I can get done before then and enter last minute if I think I can get it done.

A huge chain of my 4 patches!

Final batch of 4 patches that are ironed and waiting to be trimmed to size
4 patches being trimmed only that little pile to do!!

The middle of my blocks all done!

The first 8 churn dash blocks completed! Only135 to go!!

Hopefully I will have all these blocks done by the end of this up coming weekend! 

Here is a random little project I did recently as well to help my husband and I to actually make good for us meals. This way our dinners are already planned out!This is a simple photo frame I got at walmart for 15$. I removed the "pictures" and just added scrap book paper behind the glass. Simple dry erase markers work perfectly on the glass and there you have it!

I am off to get ready for work and brave this yucky weather. So I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Update coming tomorrow!

Pin It Now! Hey everyone! Sorry it has been so long for updates life got super busy again and I haven't had quite enough time to just sit down and write something. I have been able to get a bit of quilting done and can't wait till I have some time tomorrow morning to post those pictures up for your viewing pleasure. I hope everyone has been having an amazing march as it is suprisingly almost April! Where in the world did the time fly off to????

Here's a little sneak peak of my omigosh pile. Looks so pretty doesn't it? Now times that pile by about 5 and you will have my completed one. But more on that tomorrow!!

Happy Stitching!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Baby Blanket!

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So I finally fixed the tension issues I was having on my Janome. After a whole heck of a lot of this:

And then some of this:

I then switched needle sizes because I had switched thread weight and low and behold it worked!

So then I could finally finish the baby quilt for my nephews 1st birthday party on saturday! 

Remember the sneak peak I showed earlier?

Well here it is completed!

I love the backing fabric!! I only did a simple stitch in the ditch for quilting as I do not have much practice with that aspect of making quilts. Although I do plan to start practising! I used a 100% cotton batting and Wonderfil 50wt thread I think in konfetti. I did not add much of a label as it is a baby quilt that is going to get alot of abuse, so all I added is a simple "Made for you with Love" label. 

My best friend loved it when she opened it with/for my nephew so that makes me super happy :)

I have also finished the needle book that Janet won and will be posting it likely on Wednesday! So I will show pictures after Janet has recieved it. Don't want to spoil the suprise!

Working on Omigosh slowly but surely, I hope to have all the little pieced 4 patched together tonight. Only about 300 to go :S But then I can start making them into the actual block and that is the easy part!! 

Here is the centre row for my blocks. I have 40 of these done like this! Which is 80 of those teeny weeny blocks!

Here is the next 80 to square up in 2" squares these will be for the top and bottom rows of the above 40 blocks to be. 

The pile so far after squaring up the first 80 blocks. 

I also dived into my UFO bin and pulled out two Double Wedding Ring Blocks. I had started making this quilt for my in-laws back in September using fabric from my stash which when I bought was told was a fabric they ALWAYS got in. As in for years. So of course when calculating it out I knew I needed to get more as I am only using 3 different fabrics. I did up a few blocks and cut out some parts for more and when I went in to buy more fabric, I find out they no longer get it. None of their stores get it. It was discontinued. Of course!  So I now needed to figure out something to do with it, and a pillow 2 of the blocks became.
I might stitch something into the centre part as it is so plain looking. Yes its a bit wrinkly at the edges but thats ok to me. This is definitely not a 5 star sewing award but I like the colours and it makes use of a block that could have otherwise been thrown out. :)

I am going to head back to working on Omigosh now and hope to get all those little blocks done today!! Hope you all are having a wonderful day,

Happy Stitching!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

And the winner is....!!!

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Courtesy of Random Generator the winner is:

Janet From A Hug Delights!! 

She said: I love purple! I would love to win your little hexie. I pinned the tutorial already. I'm so slow making things for myself.

Congratulations Janet!! I will hopefully have an email out to you today! I am just looking for your comment in my inbox so I can message you. 

In other news I won a contest ages ago from Judith Tetley from Creative Studio @

I was so excited to find it in the mail box yesterday!! It can take forever to get things through customs here, as it can take a week + to get mail from here in Calgary to my parents in Ontario. SO to come from overseas it has been just under 3 weeks. 
Here are the pictures!

What a super sweet tag!!

My cat Kalesh was super interested and had to investigate the package as well!

Can you guess what it is yet??

Its a gorgeous little journal!

Its alot pinkier than this. My camera just did not want to pick up  colours but I was waaay too eager to wait until morning!
Inside cover- you can see the pinkiness better now
Inside back cover

Back of Journal

I took this picture just now and you can see how antique pink it is. I just love it!!

Thank you so much Judith!!! I just love it and am madly debating to write in it or have it out on display as it is such a gorgeous piece of work!

On a random note:

 This is what I saw as I was on the bus from my LQS to work on Tuesday. I was highly entertained as this is in a very busy city. Now I am normally a country girl from a small town so this was just hilarious to see!

More sewing updates later. I am fighting with my machine at the moment regarding tension and I still need to quilt that baby blanket! Hopefully I will post again tonight or tomorrow :)

Have a fabulous day!!