Monday, 26 March 2012

Hello Again!

Pin It Now! As promised, today I finally have a quick chance to post! 

I haven't been able to get a huge amount of sewing done as I have been working tons these last 3 weeks. 
Its very yucky out here in Calgary today, as we are supposed to get up to 10cm of snow. 
My nephew (and family) loved the blue and green baby blanket and it currently resides in his crib. 

I was able to whip up this cute little bag:
Not a great picture but best I could get this morning. 

Not really any progress on Dear Jane sadly but I am hoping that once I get Omigosh done Dear Jane will be next in line. 

Done a bit on Omigosh however! Although I am not sure if I will have it finished in time for the show in Heritage Park. Registration ends on april 8th so we will see how much I can get done before then and enter last minute if I think I can get it done.

A huge chain of my 4 patches!

Final batch of 4 patches that are ironed and waiting to be trimmed to size
4 patches being trimmed only that little pile to do!!

The middle of my blocks all done!

The first 8 churn dash blocks completed! Only135 to go!!

Hopefully I will have all these blocks done by the end of this up coming weekend! 

Here is a random little project I did recently as well to help my husband and I to actually make good for us meals. This way our dinners are already planned out!This is a simple photo frame I got at walmart for 15$. I removed the "pictures" and just added scrap book paper behind the glass. Simple dry erase markers work perfectly on the glass and there you have it!

I am off to get ready for work and brave this yucky weather. So I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Hi Kallie, I thought I would pop by and say hello. Your Omigosh looks like it is going to be fantastic. I love the colours you are using... good luck with your deadline! That's a great idea with the dinner menu - could be used for all sorts of diary type things too,I imagine.

  2. What a lovely bag, I love the fabrics you used for it! Your production line of tiny segments of your blocks is an amazing feat - I have to say! - and the blocks themselves are just gorgeous, well done! This quilt is going to look incredible!!!

  3. Your Omigosh is really taking shape, but I had to laugh when you wrote.....only 135 to go. I love the colors you are using. I still haven't started mine yet, so I will just enjoy watching yours come together. Best of luck on meeting the deadline.

  4. Looking at the long lines of all your chain stitching made my stomach roll over in nervous excitement for you. You're sewing and sewing and sewing, and in the end, that quilt is going to be drop dead gorgeous. But the process is a long one.
    Ahh -- the energy of youth. Bravo and keep stitching!

  5. How fun seeing the piecing down the length of the hall! Great little blocks, I agree with Vivian - it is a stunning project!
    Love the frame/dry board idea - I can see it in my future.
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. Das wird ja ein toller Quillt. Liebe Grüße Grit