Sunday, 19 February 2012

Snow Much Love & A Giveaway!

Pin It Now! Hello Everyone!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Here in Canada it is a long weekend for Family Day tomorrow (Monday).

Random Project!
Well I was looking at the calendar and realized in shock that it was almost my "nephew's" 1st birthday -March 3. I say nephew but he is actually my best friends little boy, we are not related but I was there when he was born so therefore we go with nephew :) Any-who... Here is a little sneak peak of what I am making him. I was fortunate enough to find a jelly roll at Walmart of all places, and it was on clearance so it was a super sweet deal! It is paired here with Kona Snow. I am hoping to baste and quilt it by next Wednesday which gives me a couple days to do the binding!

 I also wanted to show you were I was piecing this all yesterday:

That's right. Cross legged on the floor. My lovely husband needed our kitchen table for a project he was working on. So it was either the floor or not sewing at all. Unfortunately we do not yet have another table I could use. Needless to say my back was kind of sore this morning, and I had to take frequent breaks!!
Hopefully I get my kitchen table back soon!

Aurifil BOM
Super Excited that I finished stitching the February BOM from Aurifil! It was soooo much fun to do as it is such a cute piece. This piece was designed by Sherri Falls and the link to the block is below

She also has posted the cutest finishing instructions if you want it as just a wall hanging here on her blog for Valentines day:

I have officially finished piecing and ironing all my teeny weeny four- patches! I am currently piecing all my half square triangles back into squares (print/white). I also cut up all my 2" squares into triangles which will soon be framing my four patches! Just keep plodding along and it will all get done....

All 575 of my teeny weeny four-patches!
My 2 3/8" half square triangles awaiting to be pieced. I have finished about half of one bag so far. 

Dear Jane:
 Slowly working away at Dear Jane. Not much progress done in the last 2 weeks but I only have 1 more block and my first 3 triangles to do before March 4. So not too bad! Most of my last few blocks worked out to be reds which was entertaining for Valentines day.

Now I absolutely love, love, love my little hexagon note book. And Honestly I think you might enjoy one too! Heck yesterday I was using it as a pin cushion as I sewed on the floor.

Now who would like to win one???

To enter leave a comment with your favorite colour. 
This way I can go through my stash and make the winner's notebook in their favorite colour. 

Winner will be drawn on February 29 at midnight here in Calgary (this is Mountain standard time) by the random generator.

So get your comments in before that, tell whomever you wish as well. 

**Remember to leave your email so that I can get a hold of you if you are the lucky winner**

Here is a picture of what it could look like!
Good luck and have a wonderful day!! 


  1. Oh my, haven't you been busy. I love that baby quilt, it seems so summery.

    My favourite colour is um... anything except pink. I love blue and country colours.
    thanks for hosting a give away.

  2. Love the fabrics in the baby quilt - gorgeous! And as far as sewing on the floor-well, we do what we have to do, don't we - LOLOL! (Although I don't think I'd have been able to get back up-haha). All those itty bitty 4-patches - what a feat!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway1 I'll pick as my favorite color today. o:)

  3. The 'first birthday' quilt is adorable, great colours for a little fellow, I'm sure he'll love it! But no fun having to sew on the floor, thats real dedication if you ask me LOL!!!!
    What a lovely giveaway! I love purple! Thanks for the opportunity!!!!

  4. I love purple! I would love to win your little hexie. I pinned the tutorial already. I'm so slow making things for myself.

  5. Wow, love your nephew's quilt, fabulous colours. My favourite colour is purple.

  6. My favorite colors are for sure blues and purples, love your work.

  7. Hi! Love your work and your blog. My favorite color is blue. Thanks!

  8. Hello, this is a very clever needlebook. I love everything to do with hexagons!! I am working on a queen size quilt with the 3/4 " size hexagons and double flowers. It is taking forever, but will be worth it in the end. Like to see what you are working on. My favorite colors are yellow & green. Thanks

  9. i love red and white thanks for the giveaway