Sunday, 26 February 2012


Pin It Now! Happy Sunday!

Hopefully most of you are able to have a wonderful day of rest and get lots of sewing done. Here in Calgary we are seeing some Old Man Winter. Its -20 celcius with the windchill and it has been snowing off and on yesterday and all day today. Unfortunately that means I get to walk to the bus stop in this in order to get to the NICU for work. Yuck. But its a co-workers birthday and I really do love taking care of the wee babies so I guess I will brave it and bring some hand sewing to work on at break as a reward for doing so!! Haha.

Here is the lovely view outside our apartment. (Can you feel the cold!?)

Dear Jane

Yes, I started my triangles. I was a little bit afraid of them to be honest. How often do we really do patterns with large pieced triangles? But I jumped in this morning and got two done. TS1 and BS1

Now TS1 was not too bad. I kind of measured the lines and just did them all as long skinny strips. I did have to go back and sew over the lines taking just a bit more fabric into the seam allowance as the triangle was too big but it worked out. I have 3/8" on the outside for seam allowance and will trim to 1/4 once I actually start sewing these puppies together. Hence why there are little notches in each row. Those will disappear once properly trimmed. 

Now as for BS1. We did not start off as friends. I thought we had but when I went to trim it so I could put the white border part on it was so far off it wasn't even funny. I had somehow thought (by looking at the block) that I could match the seams on one edge and just angle the block. 

Makes sense right?....
Ummm totally didn't work. 

So I un-sewed them, after some cursing and confusion, and paper pieced them, but since I had cut them a little differently I couldn't follow the diagonal line. Confusing right? 

Any-who I used the template to ensure I had enough for seam allowance on one side and then just followed my old seam lines on the fabrics as they still matched up nicely, I just needed to off set the ends a bit for angling. It worked out OK in the end though!! It definitely does not follow the pattern exactly and I even had to fudge an extra white row at the bottom as when I trimmed it I had no seam allowance left in the bottom left corner. 
But you know what? I like it. And better finished then perfect as most Dear Jane'rs say. 


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Happy Stitching



  1. Good for you tackling Dear Jane!
    The snow looks a little COLD ;-)

  2. Well done on your triangle blocks! They are not easy shapes to get accurate are they?
    I don't envy you that cold weather you are having! Living in the subtropics I couldn't image -20, although sometimes on really cold winter days here driving to work the temp gets down to -3 (big frost) but only till the sun comes out!!!