Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A New Old Sewing Machine

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So I am super excited to show you new pictures of a sewing machine I stumbled upon. I was searching Kijiji to see if there was a decent sewing machine I could take to my LQS where I go and sew with a few groups and that I could leave there. I take the bus from my house to get there and back each time and can not take my Janome with me. Where I stumbled on my amazing find.

This lady was selling a "vintage sewing machine" for $10.00. That is correct. TEN DOLLARS!!! She has never used it and got it at an auction years ago and it was just a display piece but it is in mint condition. I mean this machine is GORGEOUS!! But, and there is a but, I can't find anything out about it!! I have been searching frantically since I got it home to really look at it and can't find any information on line.

The machine is a Comrie made here is Edmonton Alberta with a model number S115908.
The motor is Good Housekeeper Eureka Model E20 110Volt

I am going to be getting in contact with a lady from my LQS who collects machines and knows just about everything there is to know about vintage machines. She has something like 80 of them in her house. But if you guys know anything about this lovely machine please let me know!!! I am dying for more info. It looks similar to a 1950's dressmaker special by Singer.

Sewing Updates Tomorrow!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Great find!
    Love the scroll side and decals - beautiful!

  2. What a find! It's gorgeous! Best of luck with it.

  3. Congratulations on your wonderful purchase and new sewing friend!!! I have not heard of that make before, I don't think they made it to Australia. I hope that someone will be able to help you out! I have several vintage sewing machines myself and use them frequently they are such a pleasure to sew with and their stitches are equisite. I would get the wiring checked out (I was lucky not to electrocute myself with my old Featherweight - as it had some exposed wiring, the cloth covering had deteriorated badly), or maybe get it rewired for safety's sake, a good service/oiling etc and it should be good to go!!
    Here are a couple of links which I hope you will find helpful:
    ISMACS - International Sewing Machine Collectors's Society - you could contact them with the details of your machine

    Treadles & Treasures (a blog whose owners collects and restore vintage sewing machines, they may have heard of your model of machine)

    Another blog post with useful information on cleaning your old machine

    Good luck!!!

  4. Hello Kallie,
    Congratulations on an excellent find! Your gorgeous ten dollar Comrie is a Singer 15 clone from the 1930s or early 1940s. It is built like a little tank. Kept clean and oiled regularly this sewing machine will outlive us all. Jenny at has the manual, parts and lots of good information about these vintage beauties.

    Yours cost you ten bucks and my Piedmont was rescued from a dumpster for free. These machines were massed for decades. Because they are built so well, they don't wear out, there are millions of them in Canada and the United States. Parts and accessories are readily available and inexpensive.

    I suggest you have it rewired and get an electronic foot peddle put on. The electronic foot pedal does not get hot with extended use like the old foot pedals do.

    I suspect your machine was actually manufactured in Japan for the Comrie Sewing machine company in Edmonton.

    I had the motor belt and motor brushes replaced on the Piedmont. After I cleaned her up, played with her a bit I sold it for $40. I use my Singer 15-91 all the time for piecing.

    Hope this helps.. enjoy your new toy.