Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Hexagon Needle Book Semi-Tutorial

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Now last Monday I made the cutest little needle books ever. I loosly followed the tutorial from My Three Sons Knit . The link for her tutorial is at the bottom of the page. Just because I want you to see mine before you blog hop :)

I had been browsing walmart and found the neatest little clasps for about $2.50 for a 2 pack. 
After looking at the tutorial and getting some felted wool from my LQS I browsed through my fabric and got to work. I used my 1 1/2" hexagon template that I use for the Japanese flower garden quilt, fussy cut my fabric and used the same technique that is in my hexagon tutorial to make 2 hexagons for each needle book.
(you can find the Hexagon Tutorial here: ) 

The clasps I got from wally mart

I hand stitched this with a coordinating DMC floss to sew the  fabric hexies to the wool individual hexies. I then just went over my stiches to sew the whole book together. For my connecting hexies (you will understand once you go to the actual tutorial) I didn`t really measure them exactly. It`s just too fiddly so I kind of whinged it and it worked out well. 

Now I took a strip of left over wool, cut a slot in the end and put it on my clasp. This way I can have my thread attached and I just tied a knot in the end of this one. 

With this thread the hole in the spool was very large so I just cut slits in both end of my `thread holder`wool and attached them both on the clasp.  You can see here I also machine stitched this first one. I don`t like the look of it and when I have time I am going to take it out and hand stitch it. 
Here you can see the inside with a couple pins!
The nice thing about the clasp is that I can attach my scissors and thimble to it as well then onto a handle in my  travel sewing kit.

So definitely go check out My Three Sons Knit for her full tutorial!


  1. Very clever way to make the loop--it has more support by the way it is sewn. Always fun to have a cute print on your sewing tools, since you look at them all the time!! I need to make a few of these.

  2. Super cute and very convenient!!