Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Rubies, Diamonds and Garnets Too

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So I was going through my previous posts and realized that while I have talked about Rubies, Diamonds and Garnets I don't think I have actually really posted any pictures! How terrible!!! I have drastically changed how I am going to put this quilt together because while I love the original layout there is no way I will be able to make all the 1" half square triangles needed (approximately 1600+ of them) and get it in to be quilted in time for the beginning of December. So change of plans and re-draft the quilt layout and away we go! Now I should be done by the end of the month! That will leave the quilter about 2 months to get it done (just in case she is super busy!) and time for me to bind and wash it :) 

Here are all the blocks I have done. Just one more to go! These are 12 1/2" unfinished

These are the fabrics I am using for the sashing, corner stones and borders. Not much of a shot but I promise you will see them better soon!

As for the rest of today I will hopefully get the sashing finished for Rubies, Diamonds and Garnets and I really want to get another batch of Jam made! I have been really loving the process of making jam. It is so fun and rewarding, I will never be buying jam again, especially since it is so easy to make yourself. I am likely going to make 2-3 more batches before I am done for a little while. While it is a fair amount of jam we have been enjoying putting it on toast and ice cream and I will be putting some aside for Christmas gifts to friends and family! Up next will be strawberry orange, strawberry lemon and possibly an orange grapefruit concoction but we will see!

Happy Stitching!!


  1. This is such a pretty sampler group, with all the varieties of reds and backgrounds. They all go together beautifully. It's going to be special project when it's done-- and I love the name.

    Ah -- the energy of youth. I used to make assorted jams and jellies in the summers when I was younger and our kids were little. I haven't done it for years, but I'm tempted. You're making some luscious-sounding varieties.

    1. Thanks so much Vivian! I just finished the sashing strips so hopefully I will have another post tomorrow :) I hope you do make some jam, I am finding it very lovely. I am thinking of posting the recipes that I am using with the changes I have made to them. I make small batches at a time using only three to four 1/2 pint jars at a time. Thanks for stopping by!