Saturday, 22 September 2012


Pin It Now! Have you seen the new Moda Candy?? It is so adorable and just perfect for scrappy sewing! I had been following the Moda candy blog hop as it was introduced and was luck enough to win at Miss Rosie's Quilt CO her website is here
And her shop is here:

You will find all her Schnibbles and Little Bites quilt patterns in the shop along with some super cute notions! So be sure to check it out!!

I picked up the package at my post office yesterday and was opening it on the way out of the shop! Hehehe could not wait at all!!! 
Oops you can tell I was too excited and ripped it open right away! 

So Excited to make this!!! Isn't the trim so adorable?

Aren't these fun?! Can't wait to start attaching them to various projects

Mmmmm candy! Tapestry and Double Chocolate!
Sorry for the sideways pics now! Everlastings and Chateau Rouge!

Love these 2.5" Squares! There are 42 in each pack. I think I might just do a post stamp quilt and just sew them all together scrappy like!

Love the polka dot scissors also!! 

I was so spoilt!! I can't wait to make something with all this loveliness!

I also went to the Chinook Honey Company in Okotokes, Alberta. Just outside of Calgary. Now if you are ever out this way and are a fan of honey you MUST stop there. It is such a sweet little shop with so many neat things. You can even take a tour of their honey farm and learn about it! I have not been able to convince the hubby yet to do so but I hope to soon! They also make mean wine and it is to die for. So make sure you visit it! Here is their website for more info

Lemon and Honey!? I am sold. I should have picked up the caramel honey as well. Kind of kicking myself for not doing so now!

Hand salve! Because Microsan (antibacterial foam hand sanitizer)  at work is super hard on the hands!
I also picked up a huge 3kg bucket of honey. It was so much cheaper and has all the natural properties since it is unprocessed then what I can get in the store. Plus it is super yummy!

Not much sewing the last couple days but hopefully I will have an update for you on Sunday or Monday!

Hope you have a wonderful day and get some stitching done! I am off to work in a few so think quiet hospital thoughts for me! Haha!


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