Friday, 31 August 2012


Pin It Now! You might notice I have a spiffy new button at the top of each post when you click on the post title. Well its my pinterest button so you can pin things that appeal to you. I only ask if you could please give credit where it is due :)  I am also adding a Follow Me On Pinterest Button for those who would like to follow me!

I do warn you I pin a ton of craftiness and am slightly addicted to Pinterest. I am not a huge fan of social media online, I love to stalk blogs and look up quiltiness but I have gotten away from things like Facebook and never actually signed up for twitter, myspace etc, but pinterest has really grabbed my attention, its so much fun and so inspirational!

So I hope you will come take a look and let me know if you are on there so I can steal some of your pins for my boards! Haha!

Been busy cleaning and what not here today but I did get some time to make some re-usable breast pads for one of my girlfriends at work who is almost 35 weeks along! We were talking the other day and she mentioned how she had already gone through tons of disposable nursing pads and didn't even like them so I volunteered to make her some and here is the finished product! 4 pairs with 2 layers of bamboo cotton, 1 layer of flannel and 1 layer of PUL so as to not leak through her shirt. She is going to give me some feedback on these after she uses them so I can improve the design as needed! Aren't they such fun colours!!

I also was able to get 3 more blocks cut out for A-Mazed so hopefully I will have those sewn up and ready to show you later!

I also built an Ikea bookshelf! Haha it has been sitting on our living room floor for about 3 weeks and I figured I really should put it together. So now it is just a matter of putting all our books on it!

Well I am off to get some more sewing done!
Happy Stitching!

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