Friday, 17 August 2012

Projects, Projects, Projects

Pin It Now! Good Afternoon All!!
Lets talk about Projects today, how many do you have? I have been making lists of ones I have started, want to start and have the stuff for and want to start and don't have anything for. Let me say that it is quite a LARGE list haha!!

I find I am very easily suckered into projects :P I just love so many different styles and there are a ton of things I want to do. Does this happen with everyone else? One of the girls at my quilting group said a friend of hers did a list of WIP and she had 73!!!!! That is not a typo. I am not near that number yet but just going through and seeing what I have on my list is a little intimidating I must admit.

Here are my numbers!
14 WIP's- these range from big to small and I will be adding Christmas gifts on here as well plus some small  
crocheted gifts

5 Projects to Quilt- these are all small except for one double size quilt top

14 Projects on my "To Start" List- These are projects I have kind of started in the respect that I have either the fabrics already, it was a kit I bought, I already have plans for if it is going to someone, or a place to put it. And of course it also includes the ones I am dying to make and keep such as dresden plate and cathedral windows.

So how about you guys? What are your numbers? 

I would love to know! So leave a comment and we can see who has the most haha!

So onto updates!

I have decided not to give Farmers Market to my inlaws for christmas this year at least. I am not super happy with the quilt in general at the moment and don't want to keep going with it as a Christmas gift and decide I hate it and then have nothing to give. So I am going to keep going but need to decide how I want to change it. SO I needed a new gift idea and stumbled upon the free patterns from Red Brolly whom I love. They had three Christmas sampler stitching designs that I am going to make into a wall hanging and I am much happier about giving it as a gift :)
Here is what I got accomplished last night when I decided to do it:
(sorry about the lighting)
Here is the link to the patterns if you wish do complete them as well.

Red Brolly also has an amazing and gorgeous free quilt pattern for Christmas right now called the Wish Quilt. Bronwyn is releasing the next part every couple of days and they are so cute!! Here is a link to the first pattern and the layout plus lots of pretty pictures of the quilt so you can see what you are getting into!!

I have been getting lots of stitching done on my Japanese Flower Garden as well 1 big flower is finished completely which brings my total of big flowers to 7 out of 25 with #8 being worked on as below. I also have 2 small flowers completed and 3 more basted as seen below! Progress is coming along slowly but surely.

Hope you are having a fantastic day!!!


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