Thursday, 30 August 2012

Eye Candy and Updates!

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It has been so lovely here lately and I have been getting a good amount of sewing done which is so rewarding :)

Japanese Flower Garden
So you can see below I have been making progress on my Japanese flower garden quilt. The one incomplete flower below is now done I just didn't want to take the picture again. I am done 11 flowers at this point each with 19   1-1/2" hexagons. One of the girls at work was saying I should make this into a table cloth instead, I am thinking about it but am not sure yet.

Curious kitty must investigate.

Christmas Wall Hanging
So I am just about done the first of three redwork pieces that I am going to turn into a wall hanging for my In-Laws for Christmas. So cute right!! 

Do you remember when I talked about the pattern I was going to do for my brother for Christmas? I am using Parson Grey's Curious Nature to make it. Well, yesterday I started it :) Only have one block finished as I wanted to make sure there was no suprises when I cut/pieced. I find A Quilters Dream patterns have a lot of waste when cutting so I recalculated all the cutting and have much more usable fabric at the end of it. I hate wasting fabric.
The pattern I am using. Sorry for the blurry picture!
If you want to get a copy of the pattern or look at some of their other ones go to A Quilter's Dream at
Very Boyish right!? I love the fabric line. Hopefully my brother will enjoy it as well! 

 So excited that I was able to pick up 2 parcels at the post office today!! The first one below was 3 scrap bags and the cute pattern from Fig Tree Quilts
Even thought I ended up having major post office issues the Figueroa's we so helpful and we eventually got everything resolved. So much cute scrap fabric. Not sure yet what I have planned for it but I was thinking a super scrappy quilt and just cut and sew. No pattern just sew it up randomly, should be interesting to see what happens!!

Of course the second I opened the fabric my kitties try to claim it as their own bed. 

Don't you love the cute little pattern!

I also ordered some stuff from Connecting Threads
Cute little baby quilt kit for my girlfriend at work. It is fairly gender neutral since she is not finding out gender and she is happy with blues and greens for a girl as well. 

Got some more papers for my hexagons some batik yardage at the top and the bottom is a fall batik layer cake. And some wonder clips by clover. I am super excited to try them out so I guess I should get my butt in gear and get something quilted!! 

Better picture of the layer cakes. I also picked up 2 winter themed batik layer cakes. 

Such a yummy haul! I can't wait to get cutting into it!!

Well I am off to stitch some more and get some stuff done!

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy!!
Happy Stitching

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  1. I really like the quilt block you are doing for your brother--it is hard to find masculine designs for guys. The fabric just makes it great. I am glad you have someone to watch over your new goodies while you take photos--wouldn't want any of those fabrics to get away!! The cat is always were the action is--and always so helpful.