Friday, 10 August 2012


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So my sewing machine just ate my bobbin. No word of a lie, it actually ATE it. I tend to wind a couple bobbins at a time and leave one on the bobbin winder for a quick grab. Never had an issue before a half hour ago. So there I was sewing along on my Farmers Market quilt when I was hearing this weird screech/squeek sound every so often. Thinking it was from outside I ignored it for a little bit as the machine was sewing fine. No other tell-tale signs. Then it kept happening and I looked up and saw my  bobbin half empty with it going off towards my hand crank. Ok not too scary I hoped, likely just wound around the hand crank, should be ok. Right???   Wrong!!!!! the thread has somehow made itself INTO the machine!! As I was happily sewing along I was also winding more of the thread off the bobbin winder an into the recesses of my machine that I can't see. OMG, OMG, OMG! So I started pulling the thread bit and ended up having to "back- stitch" with the hand crank for the next half hour. Unfortunately I got to the point where no matter what I did I couldn't get anymore thread out and then it broke!!!!! :'( Now there is no more machine sewing for me until I can take it in to get serviced. And of course I am super super busy with work this week.
See that brown thread going down into crack? I am trying to pull the thread out at this point. 
Here is the gigantic tangle I had gotten out of the machine. If you can see the pink bobbin it was on at the back of the tangle you can see it is about half full now. It was completely full :(

Has this happened with anyone else? Or am I just super special and it was my machines way of demanding to be sent for servicing? I would love to hear your sewing machine horror stories so I don't feel so left out!

But for now:

Happy (Hand) Stitching!!


  1. Oh, no! I guess that's a lesson for us - don't leave a bobbin on the winder. I sure hope it's an easy fix!!

  2. Good grief! I've never heard of this particular dilemma before. Thanks for the warning. I hope it isn't long before your machine is 100% cleaned out and stitching happily again.

    Biggest problem I've had is putting a needle through my finger when I got it too close to an intersection of seams. Hubbie had to help by turning the wheel, as I was pinned (needled) to the machine and was kind of in shock.

  3. I haven't had an issue like that before - my goodness what a mess.... I hope you can get your machine serviced and back into action before too long!!!!