Monday, 16 January 2012

Hexagons and the start of Dear Jane!

Pin It Now! Good morning to you from the absolute frigidness of Calgary! We are currently at -27 with a feels like of -33. And our `high`for today? -22. Needless to say, its a quilting day. So I figured I would take some pictures last night to show my progress on my Japanese Flower Garden as I have been trucking along on it.

I have also started on my Dear Jane Quilt!
Here are my fabrics so far:
I plan on doing a muted rainbow jane quilt. My husband did not want super bright colours and my LQS has tons of gorgeous fat 8th bundles. So I am going to use those bundles for the quilt as there is 1 meter in each bundle. I still need to get purple, red and teal (sounds horrid but its going to look amazing!) and some more white bundles -they have white on white prints.

Here is my first block. Started with an easy one!

The second one I did up last night was
I have been hand piecing them using a Stem Stitch as the running stitch was just not working for me! Plus I do not have to worry about back stitching as much in the middle of the seam as I am basically doing that already. It has definitely given me fantastic seams with absolutely no puckering though!! Today I think I will be attempting to complete B13, A1 and B1.
Wish me luck!!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. I found your blog from Quilting Blogs. Could you describe what a stem stitch is? I'm working on a Farmer's Wife Sampler quilt, doing the piecing by hand. I also find I'm not too keen on the running stitch.