Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Getting Back in the Quilting Groove

Pin It Now! Well I think that after 3 weeks of almost no quilting I must get back into my quilting groove.

I had been trying to get at least 15 minutes minimum of quilting done each day and was doing very well! I brought hand piecing and embroidery with me to work to do during breaks and would stitch while watching tv or listening to music. The funny thing is that I feel so much better each day when I get some stitching done even if it's only a tiny bit. All those tiny bits do add up!

Hmm maybe I should actually mention some of what I am working on!

I do have several projects on the go (like any good quilter!!), my two main ones being a redwork lap quilt from the book Redwork *Winter Twitterings* by Pearl Louise Krush. This is my first attempt at redwork and I am loving it!! I am done 10 out of 12 red work panels and almost all of the block piecing. Just need to start putting it together!! The picture below is from the pattern. I am doing mine in black with gold stars,white on white, and a cute pointsetta print fabric with red floss for the embroidery. Will post pictures of my work in a couple days.

My second large project on the go is a hand pieced Grandmothers Flower Garden using english paper piecing with 1 1/2" hexagon templates. I am using all japanese inspired fabrics all of which have gold accenting with gold/cream background fabric. The pictures below are 2 of my 25 flowers.I currently have 3 fully pieced flowers with the outer gold/cream border, and 4 pieced flowers without the border. Each flower will have black with gold star print connectors which I will post pictures of in afew days. Sorry for the bad pictures they were taken in a hotel room on my husband and my's drive from Ontario to Calgary.

Goodness this is getting to be a long post!! I do believe I shall call it a night here, throw on a movie and get some work done on my 11th embroidery panel for my winter twitterings quilt.

I will try and take some more photos tomorrow of the fabric and my embroidery to post for winter twitterings and some more of my gorgeous hexies (which are entirely too addicting!!)

Happy Stitching!

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