Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Updates as promised!

Pin It Now! It has been cold out here in Calgary all day today and is currently zero degrees with a feels like of -4 celcius and its snowing off and on! So I have been a hermit all day and cancelled my plans that involved leaving the house!! Its too cold!! Now I promised you lots of updates and pictures today so here they are!!!

First, the turkey turned out lovely. Doesn't it look scrumptious!! (let me tell you that it was!)

Rubies, Diamonds and Garnets
Progress is a bit slow right now but I only have to applique 2 more big pieces (one hexie and one dresden) and then applique the 4 centers on the dresdens! So I am getting very close!!

Done this one!!
See how I need to add the centres to the middle of the dresden?

Only two more empty spots!! I am so excited it is almost complete!!

 Cohen's Baby Quilt
My girlfriend at work just had a beautiful baby boy on October 2nd who is now named Cohen. A couple of us plan on getting together next month with her for a quiet lunch, cuddle and small baby shower. I was really happy Cohen was a boy as I bought the kit for him before we found out gender!! Whew! The pattern is Baby Cakes and the fabric is Wild Ones that I got as a kit from Connecting Threads. It is a lovely soft flannel which I hope will be super cuddly for Cohen. I was planning on quilting it today however I found I did not have enough batting and I was NOT going out today. SO hopefully I will pick some up tomorrow and get this lovely quilt finished!
Whole Top

Close up of the fun boy prints!
Poor picture of the backing of the quilt. Please ignore the wrinkles!!
I am in love with this part of the back!!!! I fussy cut his name out of the side and corner setting fabric from the front and fused it to the back. I then machine free motioned around them to make sure they stay on. This just makes me so happy that I could put his name on the quilt like this!

 Cathedral Windows Quilt Along

Have you heard of the Cathedral Windows Quilt Along being hosted by Bree at and Pellon. If not please click on the widget to the top right of the blog and it will take you to all the fun info!

Now I have never done Cathedral Windows block before but a quilt make out of it is on my eventual to make list. I have done the first 2 out of 3 blocks so far (block one twice actually!!) and they were super easy!! The tutorials were fantastic and easy to follow. There is a flickr group as well to show off you blocks for a chance at a lovely prize!!

Block 1 
Start of Block 2 
Finish of Block 2! This is a bit more truer to the colours. 

Tree of Life!
So yesterday I showed you a couple pictures of half square triangles that I had made. Below are mine and what I received so far in our swap ( I still get 4 more baggies of half square triangles.

These ones were mine. See the red/yellow triangle with the wee flower in it? Well I bought the last 2.5 m as I am in love with it and want it as a backing or border on a quilt!!

This is the book we are using. It is a great book with lots of patterns that work well with swaps of half square triangles. We are doing the Tree of Life Wallhanging

Such a lovely pattern! I likely will not be done any time soon as I have a ton of on the go projects but it will wait patiently for it's turn! 

Now I had made some Apply Jelly a couple weeks ago and it did not set as thick as I would have liked. So I have been trying to figure out other ways to use it in case those who get it for christmas don't want to use it on toast. And oh boy I found a couple ideas! I have been putting some on my cinnamon buns which is sooooo yummy! I also plan on trying it on my new favorite carrier for jam which is ice cream, and my mom suggested to mix it in with oatmeal. Add some cinnamon and apple jelly and it will be MUCH better then the store bought stuff.

Aaron (my hubby) decided to see if Kalesh liked milk. See the little cap in the corner? He finished it off and started trying to get the rest in the milk jug! Silly kitty!

And here is Nox cuddling with his mousie on his cat post this morning.

Hope you have a wonderful and warm evening!

Happy Stitching

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  1. I really love your red and white quilt - it is going to be really stunning! And the baby quilt - what a lovely present.

    Pomona x