Monday, 30 January 2012

Omigosh Quilt!

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(err I guess it is just after noon here but oh well, its my morning!) I had a lovely suprise last night at work, I got my first follower! (inset happy dance here) Vivian from Quilts and a Mug has that lovely honour and if you are just popping in to see this from Quilting Board, please go check out here blog where she is celebrating her 3 year blogging anniversary!

No dear jane progress in the last few days as I have been busy cutting fabric like crazy before work for the Omigosh quilt. Sorry for the sideways picture. 

Now I do warn you, you are about to see the chaos of all the fabric I am cutting for Omigosh. I have 45 different 1/4meter cuts in blues, browns, creams, and pinks. So far I have cut out all the white fabric (all 5 meters of it!!!!) and 26 of the 1/4 meter fabrics. You can see the pinks I still have to cut which are drapped over my sewing machine for your viewing pleasure.

Everything here is either cut into 12"x 1" strips, 6"x 1" strips, 2" x 2" squares or 2 3/8" x 2 3/8" squares.

I have started piecing some of my strips together as I go to make it seem like I am working faster. But I won't start cutting and repiecing those until everything is cut out of the 1/4 meters so I get a good variety!

I also had to re calculate the fabric requirements as it was too small for the queen size bed I wanted it for. So being a glutton for punishment I am adding two more rows to the sides and 2 more to the bottom.

Off to Quilting Group tomorrow for our pot luck so I am going to make these yummy looking morsels I will let you know how they turn out!

Happy Stitching!


  1. You are definitely going to challenge yourself, adding extra rows to the Omigosh quilt. But you're going to love it when it's done. I've seen one in person and several online. It's a show stopper!

    The bars look delectable. I'm sure they'll be a great addition to the pot luck. I'll try anything made with Eagle Brand milk, and I'd probably push a couple quilters out of the way to get to these.

  2. Thanks Vivian! I am very excited for it and can't stop working on it (which is definitely a good thing)

    And the bars were to die for! I did half lemon juice and half lime juice but you definitely need to try them. Super easy and incredibly delicious.

  3. I came over from Vivian's blog. I'm a regular visitor there. Welcome to blogging!! I'm looking forward to checking on you and your projects too.

  4. I think Ohmygosh is a very apt name for that quilt but it will be lovely when it is done - happy stitching!

  5. I have this pattern!! I just love how small the pieces are in it. Sue Garman has lots of patterns to try. She also has a blog. I love your "glutton for punishment" comment--it's all part of this quilt habit we have. Never enough fabric--never enough blocks. You have a wonderful blog--wish I could get myself started on one.

  6. Welcome to blogland, Kallie!
    I have seen an Omigosh Quilt in person--quite an ambitious project, but so amazing!!
    The bars look yummy. Just what I Don't Need!!

  7. wow.....I have to say OH MY Gosh....look at all your fabrics....

    Those bars look fantastic...

  8. Love all of your projects! Oh My Gosh is one that is on my bucket list - love those tiny pieces!

  9. Great quilt - I saw it a few years ago at Quakertown - you will have a masterpiece! Great fabrics on your table. I'm looking forward to seeing your wonderful progress.